Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to The Beanbag Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Beanbag Blog!

The Beanbag is an upcoming comic by Stephan Lapin about the extraordinairy adventures of Beanbag, a 5th-dimensional creature that our minds can only comprehend as the cutesy humanoid blob we all know and love.

Using his ability to travel throughout the 5th dimension, Beanbag can travel between time, space, and "multiverses" at will. These "multiverses" will be represented by the different styles used by many different guest artists, resulting in a huge variety of art all while retaining a quirky style of humor.

"Beanbag," of course, will always be drawn the same throughout these pages, allowing for an amusing contrast between his cartoony style and the realistic or exaggerated world of the guest artist's around him.

Coming sometime the end of this year! The proceeds will benefit the transplant wing at Boston Children's Hospital, where Stephan has received 2 hearts.

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