Friday, May 22, 2009


For right now I will be posting the names of the people that have their pages drawn and the people that have their pages as works in progress. With their contact info that is.

Dave Sim: Logo

Josh and Neal Adams: 1

Scott Ambruson: 1

Edward Bickford: 1

Bill Chiang: 2

Andrew Fox: 1

Evin ****: 1

Oliver Simonsen:1

Isaak Lien: 2

Nicholas Repenning: 1

Dave Gibbons: 1

Nicole Davies: 1

Marili Ramirez: 1

Dave North: 1

Brian Lopez: 1

Trisha Cezair: 1

Lewis Killin: 1

Dan Larson: 1

Richard comics: 1

more names to show up

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